A similar project — “Pittsburgh Storm”

25 05 2009

A fun sci-fi and fantasy blog that I read recently had a post on another free novel online — “A Pittsburgh Storm” by David R. O’Keeffe.  I’ve read the first two parts and they are great!  It’s post-apocalyptic, just like Ash and Zabe.  It seems that a plague has killed nearly all of the women on earth — or at least in Pittsburgh — and now the narrator is attempting to survive in a newly devastated civilization.

Also interesting to me is the different process that O’Keefe has employed to publish a novel online.  He’s obviously written his in advance and is actively trying to get it published by Harper Collins.  This is almost certainly a better-thought-out plan than mine, which is to start writing, publish a chapter at a time, and see what develops.  Also he has a Creative Commons license, which I really need to look into getting. I think that his is a blog I will definitely be watching.

One of the things that I learned from O’Keefe’s blog is the existence of Authonomy.  This thing is seriously amazing.  It is online talent scouting for Harper Collins, using a community-based ratings forum.  What a brilliant idea!  I am almost certainly going to sign up and submit Ash and Zabe to it — though I really need to come up with a better title.




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