delay and future additions

25 05 2009

Sorry for the long delay in posting chapter 5.  I am actually writing these as we go along — though I’d really hoped to have the opposite of a backlog (not sure what that word is) turns out that that was overly optimistic — so unfortunately there will be some unscheduled delays.  I am experimenting with a new chronological structure in chapter 5 and I’m not entirely sure if it works or not so I am showing it to a few people to see what they think and then I’ll post it…

Also I am hoping to put up some image files this week, specifically a map of the school and maybe some artwork to set the scene a little bit.  I’ll be adding a new page, “artwork”, once I have some stuff ready to be scanned.

Finally, I want to post at least through chapter seven before I head off to Iceland (on 27 June) because, although I will have limited internet access there, it is doubtful that I will have the time to post.




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