notes on chapter seven

28 06 2009

Below is chapter seven.  I am currently sitting in the coolest internet cafe in the world, in Reykjavik, Iceland, where people are playing LAN games, speaking Icelandic, and generally being incredibly helpful and kind.

Sorry if the formatting is a bit weird, I had to perform some serious computer gymnastics to get this onto this computer and the formatting may have suffered somewhat.

I will now have fairly patchy internet access until 1 August but expect to post at least chapter eight in that time period.

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Takk þer fyrir!

other novels online!

10 06 2009

I knew that there had to be a listing for these things out there somewhere.

First, there’s the Web Fiction Guide, where you can bookmark and review a large number of online stories, as well as search for ones you might like by very detailed tags (REALLY detailed tags).  It’s a great site.

Web Fiction Guide (online novels, reviews)

Then there is Novels Online, a directory that can be sorted by rating, genre, status (finished, actively writing, etc.).

Novels Online

From browsing through the titles, I learn that online novels overwhelmingly have three of the following supernatural creatures: vampires, werewolves, and zombies.  I’m pretty sure that Ash and Zabe doesn’t have any of those.  Don’t ostracize me, online novel community!  🙂

chapter six coming soon…

10 06 2009

I’ve finished writing chapter six and now am going to give it a little bit of proofreading.  Expect it in the next two days.

Chapter 5 coming in two parts, pdfs?

27 05 2009

Somewhere along the way, chapter 5 ballooned into just over 8000 words — so I’ll be posting it in two parts, in about ten minutes.

Would anyone of my sudden new readers find it helpful to have pdfs of the chapters, instead of just reading them from the blog, or the RSS feed, or however?  I don’t mind providing them if anyone wants them.  Alternately I’d be happy to email them to you!

A similar project — “Pittsburgh Storm”

25 05 2009

A fun sci-fi and fantasy blog that I read recently had a post on another free novel online — “A Pittsburgh Storm” by David R. O’Keeffe.  I’ve read the first two parts and they are great!  It’s post-apocalyptic, just like Ash and Zabe.  It seems that a plague has killed nearly all of the women on earth — or at least in Pittsburgh — and now the narrator is attempting to survive in a newly devastated civilization.

Also interesting to me is the different process that O’Keefe has employed to publish a novel online.  He’s obviously written his in advance and is actively trying to get it published by Harper Collins.  This is almost certainly a better-thought-out plan than mine, which is to start writing, publish a chapter at a time, and see what develops.  Also he has a Creative Commons license, which I really need to look into getting. I think that his is a blog I will definitely be watching.

One of the things that I learned from O’Keefe’s blog is the existence of Authonomy.  This thing is seriously amazing.  It is online talent scouting for Harper Collins, using a community-based ratings forum.  What a brilliant idea!  I am almost certainly going to sign up and submit Ash and Zabe to it — though I really need to come up with a better title.

delay and future additions

25 05 2009

Sorry for the long delay in posting chapter 5.  I am actually writing these as we go along — though I’d really hoped to have the opposite of a backlog (not sure what that word is) turns out that that was overly optimistic — so unfortunately there will be some unscheduled delays.  I am experimenting with a new chronological structure in chapter 5 and I’m not entirely sure if it works or not so I am showing it to a few people to see what they think and then I’ll post it…

Also I am hoping to put up some image files this week, specifically a map of the school and maybe some artwork to set the scene a little bit.  I’ll be adding a new page, “artwork”, once I have some stuff ready to be scanned.

Finally, I want to post at least through chapter seven before I head off to Iceland (on 27 June) because, although I will have limited internet access there, it is doubtful that I will have the time to post.

new here?

2 04 2009

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